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Meet the host



I am Olamide – lawyer, writer, mommy, wife and Producer. And you guessed it! I am the Host of Hewn Life Talk Show. I am passionate about education and obsessed with God and God’s people. I aim to bring to the forefront, and shine a light on issues of genuine social importance discussed from a Christian perspective.


Whether you are passing by, were directed to our website, are a subscriber to our YouTube Channel or just curiously exploring, I am pleased that you are here!


A little more about me…

I was admitted as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of England & Wales in 2004. As a lawyer, I had the opportunity to advise and assist several people in dire circumstances. Needless to say that I derived immense fulfilment from being able to make a difference in the lives of my clients. For instance, I assisted women who had been victims of domestic violence and other such vulnerable people in society. I never stopped pushing for them until their problems were resolved.


As my law career progressed, I also began to write articles for a prominent women’s magazine on marriage, ADHD in children, domestic violence, the effect of narcotics and drug use, as well as other important social issues. I conducted thorough research and used my articles as a platform to talk about relevant problems, but also to provide information about available resources and supportive or charitable organisations. Over time, my job and my writing helped bring more clarity to my life’s purpose. I’ve also more recently worked in Project Management and did a short stint on Kent Christian Radio.


Enter Hewn Life Talks! Through this impactful and inspiring talk show, I have been able to, and aim to keep:

  • speaking up for those in need
  • directing people’s stories to the forefront of social discussions, so that others can learn from them and have hope, even in the throes of setbacks and difficulties
  • inspiring viewers to do better for themselves and fulfil their God-given purpose and potential
  • offering comfort to those who are lonely and isolated
  • bringing fortitude of spirit to those facing common and peculiar problems until they overcome their challenges
  • and finally, igniting or rekindling faith in our true and omnipotent God, Who though unseen, remains unquestionably in control


The pursuits above are my mission, and through God, with your prayerful and continued support, we shall do valiantly (Psalm 108:13).


For now, I invite you to just relax and delve right into the very interesting subjects covered in our previous episodes. Hope you enjoy the show!


Much Blessings,


Host: Olamide Ayodele
Host: Olamide Ayodele